5 Benefits of Satin Bonnets & Scarfs for All Hair Types

Investing in a satin hair bonnet or scarf is a great way of preventing tangles and keeping your hair damage-free while you get your beauty sleep!

Here are some of the top benefits of wearing a satin hair bonnet or scarf.

1. Less facial breakouts

Did you know that skin problems can be caused by your hair? It’s only natural that hair oils and products will seep onto the surface of your pillow if your hair isn’t covered at night and this will then transfer onto your skin. Wearing a satin hair bonnet or scarf will not only keep your hair out of your face but your bedding will be much more hygienic. You may experience fewer breakouts, clearer skin and less irritation.

2. Promotes healthy hair and hair growth

When it comes to hair care you need to be consistent which means treating your hair well at night as well as during the day. With less friction between your hair and your pillow, satin bonnets and scarves can help all hair types become as healthy as possible from your scalp right down to the ends of your hair. Plus, when you improve the condition of your hair this is when you’ll experience the most hair growth!

3. Prevents moisture loss and damage

When you sleep with your hair unprotected, your cotton bed sheets can draw out moisture and gradually make your hair feel dry not to mention how all that tossing and turning at night can result in breakage. Wearing a satin hair bonnet is very gentle on your hair which causes less tension, fewer split ends and allows your hair to retain their moisture.

4. Fewer hair tangles

Whether your hair curls, waves or straight hair, tangles can be a nightmare to deal with when trying to style your hair. Even small knots can rip the ends of your hair so instead of leaving your hair loose and encouraging tangles, using a satin hair bonnet or wrapping your hair in a scarf will keep everything neatly tucked away - that way you can sleep peacefully without worrying about your hair.

5. Your hairstyles are preserved

No matter what kind of hair you have, being able to preserve your styles will save you a lot of time in the morning and will reduce hair maintenance. If you want to keep your natural curls frizz-free or stop it looking dry the next day, incorporate a satin hair bonnet into your night time routine and you’ll soon notice a difference.

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